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Touch & Go Aviation Inc.is based at the Monroe WI (EFT) Airport. Located two miles north east of 
The city on Hwy 59 atop of some of the most scenic hills in Green county.
Started back in June of 1991 its two founders Robert J. Driver and Simon M. Smith saw a need for a maintenance facility west of the Janesville Airport. We based the business on one theory, that still holds true today and that was that if a customer were not willing to fix his airplane to the point that either one of us would feel comfortable flying it, we weren't going to sign it off.
Even though we needed the business, that kept the people away that were looking for someone to sign the aircraft off "to just get it by for one more year".
The first two years were really tough; we worked out of an unheated hanger that got quite miserable in the wintertime. Then "Matt" and I decided to build a hanger and even that had its problems, the first hanger blew down in a wind storm and set us back about four months, but the day finally did come when we opened for business, I think that first year we had some four or five annuals, not a great start but a start none the less. As time went on we both thought about throwing in the towel at times but I knew if we could tough out the hard times there would be better days ahead.
Times did change and Matt ended up taking a job with GM and so I was left to fend for myself, which at times made me more cantankerous than I normally am. But in all honesty I really like what I am doing and there aren't too many that can say that! Over the years I have built part of a Glasair trying to help someone along to finish theirs and liked the kit so well I built one for myself in 10 months (I took outstanding aircraft award at Sun-N-Fun 1995 with it) I helped a dear friend build a Glastar, and from start to finish it took us 13 months and I do believe we could have done it sooner if we got all of the parts on time. I have helped build a ChallengerII as well as being kept busy with all the work I have to do on certified aircraft.
I have been told at times I can be very "Anal" about things, but I guess in this profession you have to be, my customers depend on that, I depend on that. After all it's not like a car; you just can't pull off the side of the road when things go wrong! You only have one chance to do things right!
The life of an A&P inspector is not unlike a Doctor, in fact it is worse:  If he or she has a bad day they may have one person die, if I have a bad day I could have numerous people die. I tend to never forget that!  I tend to treat all of my customers like family; after all they trust me with their lives.
In closing if you are looking for a great maintenance facility you have come to the right place. If you take your aircraft maintenance lightly and don't care about your life or your friends and families lives I'll see you around............ Maybe!
Robert J. Driver
Touch & Go Aviation Inc.
W4711 Hwy 59 
Monroe, WI 53566
(608) 329-7777

I would like to bestow a special thanks to the following for making it all possible. 
My family and friends and customers for the encouragement when I needed it most! and a very special thanks to the following........
David E. Tyler
Roger E. Kubly 
Christopher L.Wehinger 

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